Upgrade notes#

Occasionally we make changes to Kegbot that require special steps or attention when upgrading. Though the section below covers the most commonly-needed upgrade steps, always read the upgrade notes in the changelog first.

Upgrade procedure#

Step 1#

First, ensure the system has been stopped:

$ docker-compose down

Step 2#

Next, fetch the latest images:

$ docker-compose pull

Step 3#

Next, restart just the database and redis:

$ docker-compose up -d mysql redis

Step 4#

Next, run the upgrade command:

$ docker-compose run kegbot upgrade

You will see upgrade progress, followed by the message Upgrade complete!. If you see the message Version <version> is already installed., then no upgrade was needed or performed.

Step 5#

Finally, restart the containers:

$ docker-compose up -d kegbot workers