This section describes commonly-used commands that are available from the kegbot command-line tool.

Running commands#

When using docker-compose, you can run the kegbot command line using the following general invocation:

$ docker-compose run kegbot <command-name> [.. additional args ..]

For an example, see the Upgrading section.

Available commands#

Maintenance commands#

These are commands you might need to call in the course of maintaining your Kegbot Server.


Executes the upgrade process. Should only be called while the web process is stopped. See Upgrading.


Regenerates all statistics.

change_password <username>

Change the password of the given user.

Internal commands#

These commands are what makes the Kegbot Server run. When using docker-compose, you should not need to call these commands directly, as they’re invoked by that configuration when needed.


Runs the internal web server process.


Runs the worker process. This needs to be running for any background tasks, such as See also run_all.


Runs both the web service process (run_server) and the worker process (run_workers).