These instructions are just for folks interested in hacking on or extending kegbot-server.

Local environment#

Most likely, you’ll want to run kegbot locally (outside of Docker) while developing. We use Poetry to manage the Python environment. Create your development environment this way:

$ poetry install

This will fetch and install all dependencies, and create a virtual Python environment.

Whenever you want to run code or tests, step into a development shell:

$ poetry shell
(kegbot-server) $ ./bin/kegbot version

Running tests#

We use pytest to run tests. Run all tests this way:

(kegbot-server) $ pytest

Code format#

We use black to format all code. Run it this way:

$ poetry shell
(kegbot-server) $ black pykeg/

Building docs#

We use Sphinx to build docs. You can create them this way:

$ poetry shell
(kegbot-server) $ cd docs
(kegbot-server) $ make html
(kegbot-server) $ open build/html/index.html