Kegbot Project Docs#

Welcome to the Kegbot Project documentation index. This is the place where the official documentation for each Kegbot component lives.

For a more general overview, please head over to the Kegbot Project Home Page.

Documentation Index#

Kegbot Server Documentation

Documentation for Kegbot Server, the brains of any Kegbot system. A great place to start if you’re just building a Kegbot.

Kegboard Documentation

Information about building, flashing, and using Kegboard, our open source keg monitor firmware. Kegboard reads flow meters and reports sensor data to Kegbot Server.

Getting Help#

Kegbot is a community-supported project, built and maintained by volunteers.

For help and pointers, the best place to start is The Kegbot Discussion Forum, where you can also search and browse previous discussions.


We’d love your help and contributions! Please visit the Developers Forum for the latest information.