Kegbot Server Version 1.3 Release Notes#

Kegbot Server Version 1.3 is the first major new server release in many years.

This is a maintenance release, with no major new features (aside from some much-needed upgrades to how the code works).

Special thanks to Moad and Theo for their help testing this release.

What’s New#

Updated internal dependencies#

Kegbot Server now uses the latest version of Python and Django. In addition almost all internal dependencies have been updated to the latest versions.

Simplified configuration from environment#

Previous releases required users to manage a file in the home directory of the user running Kegbot. This made Kegbot hard to run in an environment without a persistent disk (e.g. Heroku).

Now all configuration variables are given as environment variables; there is no need for anywhere (it is ignored).

We have also reduced the number of configuration options that need to be set in order to get things working.

Native Docker support#

Kegbot now has an official Dockerfile, and pre-built images are automatically releases to our package registry.

Setup instructions are now in described as docker-compose steps, with an example configuration included.

Experimental v2 API#

This release includes a new REST API implementation that is intended to replace the existing API in a future release. It is default-disabled. See #432 for more discussion and especially if you’re interested in testing/contributing.

Updated docs#

You’re reading them! We’ve refreshed our documentation, and published a consolidated docs site at

Breaking Changes#

We’ve removed a number of integrations to third-party services which we could not keep maintained:

  • Twitter

  • Foursquare

  • Untappd

  • Sentry

If you’re interested in reviving and maintaining these plugins, please reach out through the developer forums.